Football Challenge #11-15


#11 Maradona 7.

Do a keepy up with one foot then the other, both thighs, both shoulders and finish with the head. Have a look at the video for a demo.

#12 Kit Design.

Design your own Strollers kit. Use the template from the sfa website and show us your efforts.

#13 Bin Volleys.  

All you need for this is a football and a bin. Simply volley the football into the bin. Focus on the weight of the volley and the angle of the dip. Give it a go and show us how you get on.

#14 Crossbar challenge.

If you dont have a goal to use try a railing or bar or mark a line on a wall.When going for the bar, kick the bottom of the ball to lift it in the air. Try doing different distances to vary it up. Let us know how you get on!

#15 Dribbling slalom challenge.

You'll need a ball and 6 cones or other objects to dribble through.Dribble in and out through the cones using any part of both feet. Focus on the keeping the ball out from underneath your body and lifting the head to see in front. Focus on quality over speed at first and once comfortable then you can build up speed.

All our social media pages are update daily with football challenges and have video demos of the challenges.

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