Committee Announcement - Return to football


SYFA announcement has been made and this is how it looks.

To get back i must let you all know that initially it will be under 17s groups first and will be in no more than groups of 10 with 2 coaches.

Sessions will be 1 per week at present and may have to be shortened for the first few weeks as coaches will have to clean equipment between sessions.

Coaches will only be able to administer life saving first aid so parents will be asked to stay in cars in car park.

There will be a very strict toilet procedure with one way in and one way out of building, this will all be marked out for players to follow, it will be strictly 1 player in toilet at a time and hand gels will be at front door, hand washing sinks in toilet and hand gel on exiting the building.

Cleaning of toilets and walk way will be on a schedule and done at regular intervals.

Building will not be used for anything else at present during training times.

Players must come to training ready to start, with own water bottle marked with their name.

Allocation of where water bottles will be kept will be specified by coach prior to starting training.

Coaches will be required to take a register at all sessions and this will have to be kept at the pavillion for the trace and protect scheme. Please make sure your coach has an updated phone number incase you are required to be contacted and all medical details are updated on My Club Hub.

Coaches will be limited as to what drills they can do given the equipment being cut back due to cleaning so please bare with them as they will be doing their best.

In due course we will continue to give you as much information as possible in the lead up to returning.

We are aiming and preparing now to return on or after 20th of July with exception of our two younger teams (Joes and 2013) who will return at a later date. This will be dependant on coach's availability given that it's the summer holidays and people have been working through the crisis and will need a little rest.

Thank you for your support and patience through this time.

Fiona Redpath


Covid Co-Ordinator

Child wellbeing Officer





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